Writing, teaching, thinking. Engaging in debate, lecturing. Each forms an important part of our practice. The discipline of writing and talking formally forces you to pare down, rationalise and justify your thoughts, all whilst trying not to over-simplify, or lose the delightful to the rational. 


Writing by us: 

A Drawing is not the Building - on Sigurd Lewerentz
Anatomy of a Partition - on walls
Strange Cousins - on designing for theatre
The Spectacle of Society - on Martin Crimp
The Destruction of Memory - on Tim Slade's documentary 


Writing about us: 

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Heavenly Mansions - Matthew Lloyd in Architecture Today on Bethnal Green Mission Church
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Gatti Routh Rhodes wins planning for East End church project - Elizabeth Hopkirk in Building Design
St Mary of Eton, Hackney Wick - Ike Ijeh in Building Design 
Gatti Routh Rhodes wins YAYA 2019 - Building Design
Bethnal Green Mission Church - RIBA Regional Award